Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Effectiveness of Social Network Advertising

My final project is all about the effectiveness of social network advertising when it comes to large corporations. Many people think that this is an ineffective way for large corporations to advertise but I'm here to tell you that they're wrong! I even thought myself at first that it was lame for rich corporations to take a cheap route of advertisement over Facebook, but instead I learned that what they were doing was genius. For example, go check out Tide's facebook page. They don't pay for the facebook ads on the right side of the screen that we so often see but they set up their own product page and currently have 535,450 people that like the product. They post promotional information and when there will be specials, which all their fans will receive straight to their facebook newsfeeds, and they also receive countless "testimonials" by their fans through wall posts. Go figure, they get all this free advertisement through their "fans" and they've never paid a dollar to Facebook.

Check it out for yourself - http://www.facebook.com/Tide




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